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In 2004, University of Washington students with the UW Restoration Ecology Network (UW-REN) began the restoration of native plants in the Yesler Swamp. Those planting sites are marked on the numbered map below.

The 2004 restoration project was carried out by Laura Davis, Conner Girardin, Ashley Grant, Sacha Johnson and Chelsie Papiez, the UW-REN Capstone Team for the Union Bay Natural Area.

Goals of the 2004 capstone students:

  • Create a trail that becomes an amenity for the community while facilitating restoration.
  • Increase Plant diversity, for ecological functions and aesthetic value.
  • Trees: Sitka spruce, western red cedar, western hemlock, big-leaf maple, Oregon ash, willow species.
  • Shrubs: vine maple, pacific crabapple, beaked hazelnut, pacific ninebark, black twinberry, red elderberry, cascara, red-osler dogwood, salmonberry, hardhack.
  • Grass-like plants: slough sedge, sawbeak sedge, tapered rush, common rush, hard-stemmed bulrush, small-flowered bullrush.
  • Herbaceous plants: lady fern, bracken fern, sword lantern, swamp lantern, bur-reed.

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