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Dear Friends of Yesler Swamp

We will be working in the swamp this Saturday morning October 13th from 10AM till noon and celebrating the return of the rain to the swamp. We will meet near the entrance and work on the following in this priority:

1) 2011-12 Capstone upland site next to the sign: uncovering the planted natives from the vine weed (morning glory), unrooting blackberry and buttercup. The blackberry has been easy to pull out as it has sprouted from the roots 4 inches down under the mulch and breaks off at that junction easily.
2) 2010-11 student worksite in the north upland area: pulling vine weed off of 18 month old native planting, unrooting blackberry
3) Cutting and removing the tops of the tall yellow flag iris from the north end of the lagoon to improve the view.

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