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  • Planning And Design

On January 11, Friends of Yesler Swamp Trail filed an application with the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods for a grant to hire a professional team to design the Yesler Swamp Trail. As soon as the professionals have been selected, a detailed planning and design process will begin. There will be at least three public meetings for community input, ideas and concerns. Notices of the dates and location will be distributed in advance. Please encourage as many people as possible to attend the planning meetings. Community input and concerns are important!

  • Wildlife Issues

In response to neighborhood concerns about the impact of the proposed Yesler Swamp Trail on wildlife, Kern Ewing assembled a team of wildlife experts to visit the Yesler Swamp.

In January, the four wildlife biologists toured the site. The experts agreed that the benefits of attention to the swamp, especially control of invasive plants, would outweigh any damage from a boardwalk. In fact, a boardwalk that keeps people from trodding directly on leaves and branches could benefit wildlife by curtailing the potential impact of humans. More information at Why a Trail?.

  • Friends of Yesler Swamp Trail Steering Committee Meetings

The steering committee will next meet on Thursday, February 25 at 7:30. There is no formal agenda, but future Yesler Swamp Trail events will be discussed and work will begin on drafting the request for proposals for the professional design team. This will be a working meeting, and anyone who is interested is invited to attend.

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