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New Resting Areas

Nearly a year ago the UW arboretum cut down a very large cedar and sliced it in 6 foot sections nearly 3 inches thick yielding four slabs of wood. David Zuckerman and Fred Hoyt who are administrators for the UW Botanic Gardens suggested we could use this wood for seating areas at two overlooks of the lagoon on the Yesler Swamp Trail.

2016-06-19 17.41.48

Fred Hoffer designed the three resting areas and put one next to a plaque honoring his late wife, Dr. Kathleen Kelly.

2016-06-19 18.47.59

Bill Bender, chair of Construction Management, UW College of Built  Environments and also a Friend of Yesler Swamp, signed off on the plans and the two of us built and installed them on Father’s day for everyone to enjoy.


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