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Today I saw a women scout out the trail and up on the street was a car with a handicapped licence plate and a nice man in a wheelchair over looking the swamp from Surber Drive. I suggested she could try to go around the sidewalk to the entrance at the Eastern edge of the Center for Urban Horticulture and wheel her charge down the more than 5% grade chipped trail to the ADA accessible boardwalk and gravel upland trails. I cautioned that the entrance boardwalk still did not have the kickers so a wheel chair could wheel off.

They wheeled the whole trail.

Inaugural day 071215

They also ascended the steep slope out without too much difficulty . She was strong enough to push him up. She goes to the YMCA regularly.  They were so grateful and are going to spread the word to others in the paraplegic community at UW. We hope to complete the entrance access to ADA standards as soon as the city approves our plans.


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